The McElree Family

The genealogy of the Henry McElree family from Ireland to Canada.

The Henry McElree Family

The following history of the Henry McElree family has involved years of research, from family history, local sources, the Canadian Archives, contributions from other online sources, numberous trips to Ireland, the Public Records Office in Belfast, St. Lurach's Church in Maghera, information gleaned from kind and helpful people of Maghera,  My intent is to learn more about my ancestors and to share what I have learned not through some fee for service website but for free to all those who are interested.  Most substantiating evidence is recorded on this website.

I have on purpose, not pursued lines of those living and numerous married into families. 

I hope that the information provided will be of interest and may perhaps help others in their search for their families.  with the best of luck, If you think your family maybe connected to Henry's or have questions about research in this area please feel free to contact me.   


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McElree Genealogy

Henry McElree (1788-May 6th, 1875) 87 years old,  cause of death bronchitis,  

Buried at St. Lurach’s new church, Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland on records as burial #140,  buried by Rev. B.B. Gough, Henry McElree was listed as a  farmer from (Tullyheron, Tullyhearne, Tullykearne) at time of burial. (info viewed by self in Maghera) no marker but one placed in 2010.   He is listed on the 1831 census of Maghera, farming at Mullagh.                                                     

On James and Janes marriage record Henry is listed as James’ father

Listed on Tithe Applotment records as Henry McElree 1827, Henry McIlree 1828 in Mullagh, Termoneeny, Londonderry.

Listed on Census of 1831 as Henry McElree in Mullagh having 2 males (one James, possibly one Joseph from McElree graves in Philadelphia left to Joseph McElree born 1829?) and 3 females (one Ann on shipping records to Canada with James) 7 in all, Presbyterian.


James McElree (1831 from shipping records-August, 1879)

Marriage certificate November 27, 1850 in the Termoneeny Parish Church, from Mullagh townland,  Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland, father Henry McElree , farmer – married

Jane Shields  (1831 from shipping records - 1881) from Drumballyhagin townland, Maghera, Londonderry, father William Shields, mother Elizabeth Shields, buried St. Lurach's, Maghera.  James could write his name on marriage certificate however Jane marked with an X. 

James McElree is listed on Griffith’s Valuation as in house #8, Mullagh townland, Maghera, County Londonderry, 11 acres..  The ordinance survey map shows the house and land as north east of the old mullagh hill church east of mullagh road, in 2010 the ruins of the house were still standing on a triangle shaped piece of land of 11 acres.

Children of James and Jane:

Henry McElree  August 30,1850-July 26, 1924, baptized November 3, 1851 Presbyterian church of Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland; died 1924,  Regina, Saskatchewan and buried Regina Cemetary plot 222.

Eliza Ann February 14, 1855-?, baptized April 1, 1855 Presbyterian church of Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland;

Ellen Jane November 26, 1856-?, baptized February 1, 1857 Presbyterian church of Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland

(Presbyterian records list parents as James McIlree, Mullagh and Jane Shiels, Knocknakielt, sometimes McElree – perhaps ndicating renting of land in Knocknakielt, the next townland to Mullagh, these can be viewed at  the Presbyterian Records at the Public Records in Belfast.(according to naming patterns of the time James’ mothers name maybe Eliza/Elizabeth and Jane’s mother’s name maybe Ellen, naming patterns also support that Henry is James’ father’s name and that Ann is James’ sister)

The family traveled to Montreal June 4th, 1869 on the steamship Prussian with master Dutton. James 38 years old, farmer, Jane 38 years old, Henry 17 years old, laborer, Eliza 14 years old, Ellen 13 years old and Ann 24 years old believed to be James’ sister). Arriving the 13th of June 1869 into Montreal.

The Prussian was built in 1869 by A&J Inglis, Glasgo for the Montreal Ocean SS Co. which in 1897 became the Allan Line. She was a 2,794 gross ton ship, length 340.4ftx40.5ft, clipper stem, one funnel, three masts (rigged for sale), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was passenger accommodation for 90 – 1st class 600 3rd class. Launched 31/10/1868 she sailed from Liverpool on 18/12/1868 on her maiden voyage to Portland. On 22/4/1869 she commenced her first Liverpool-Quebec –Montreal voyage and was laid up between 1876-1878. Her last voyage was 18/2/1898 from Glasgow – Boston and was scrapped at Genoa later the same year.                                     James McElree is listed in the Philadlephia directories and Henry and Lavina lived in Philadelphia for awhile as they are also listed in the Philadelphia directories (1880).

James is the  James McElree who was killed by a train in 1879, in Richmond Pennsylvania now part of Philadelphia (Source: Annual Report  Railroad, canal, navigation, telegraph,  Pennsylvania  Dept. of Internal Affairs – 1880)

James and Jane McElree are buried in the Fugitt plot K-1-45 Greenwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Jane McElree died 1881 and James McElree died 1879.  In the Philadelphia Directories James McElree is listed in 1878 at 2802 C St as a labourer., 1879 at 2802 C St., as a foreman and  after that is no longer listed,  there is another James McElree  who is listed on Federal Street as an tinsmith and  ironnworker.                                                                                       Jane McElree residence at 2802 C Street (address of Fugitt family) date of birth stated at 1833 died June 4, 1881 of dropsey of the abdomien, widowed, buried at Greenwood Cemetary (death certificate). Listed on the 1880 census  - widow, living with John Fuggitt married to Ella McElree along with Janes daughter Elizabeth McElree in Phadelphia.                        -  Ella Jane McElree married John Fugitt May 31, 1876 at the Bethseda Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia (Source: under marriages

Ella Jane Mc Elree

Pennsylvania, Marriages, 1709-1940

marriage:31 May 1876Bethesda Presbyterian Church,​Philadelphia,​Philadelphia,​Pennsylvania
spouse:John Fugitt
 Her obituary was in the Obituary from 8 Jan 1926 Philadelphia Inquirer page 25; 1856-1926 as Ellen Jane McElree (Fugitt) buried in Greenwood Cemetary plot K-1-45.   John Fugitt was born April 12, 1850 and died March 31, 1915, he died of pneumonia and a compound fracture of the femur which happened from a fall from a window, his father was Albert Fugitt (Ireland) and mother Maria Bursey(Ireland) his address is C St., Philadelphia, bured at Greenwood Cemetary.  Their children were: James A. died  (1 month old) July 27, 1877 buried at Greenwood Cemetary; John born 1878 buried in Fugitt plot, Greenwood Cemetery. , Lizzie born 1879, Robert 1882, George 1884, Howard 1885. (The names and known naming patterns of the Irish at the time support the names of their  children.)   (an interesting aside if you go to google maps and put in 2802 C St. Philadelphia then go to satellite image and focus in you can see the present day building for this home, not bad in it's day)  Also Henry McElree lived at  235 Somerset for the years 1878, 1879, 1882, 1883 according to the city directory.  You will also see the Richmond part of Philadelphia where James was killded on the railway.  

 - Eliza McElree married George Wood November 28, 1884, Philadelphia.  They are buried at the Greenwood Cemetary (now Knights of Pythias Cemetary) George 1847-1933 and Elizabeth 1855-1914. 

Information from IGI, family search, newspaper archives, Greenwood Cemetery.    


Henry McElree  marriage certificate December 27, 1870 Carleton County registry, Bells Corner, Ottawa, Huntley, Carlton County, Ontario, Canada son of James and Jane married Levina Evoy, father Matthew Evoy, mother Margaret Falls. I have included the census records from Saskatchewan, Assiniboia District for this family of Matthew Evoy who probably moved to Saskatchewan with Henry and Levina, under notes and ideas.   Levina (May 1, 1854-September 23, 1925)  buried Regina Cemetary plot 222) died of cancer and heart attack,  Henry was 19 years old and Levina 15 years old when they were married.  Henry is listed on the 1871 Federal Ontario Census as 19 years old living in Huntley, Carleton County, Ontario with the Evoys and later in the 1901 Census of Canada Assiniboia West, North West Territories (Saskatchewan) with Levina and family.   Land records, birth records of their children and death records of Henry and Levina are also available.    Children of Henry and Levina:

Margaret Jane (Mrs. William White) September 27, 1871- unknown;  born Bells Corner, Carleton County,  Ottawa, Ontario  married William White  February 8, 1889  Zehner , Saskatchewan  (when her two sons went off to World War I, Margaret disappeared and was never heard from again – suspected that her husband killed her, family story.

William Henry June 5, 1874-November 18, 1918 influenza epidemic; born Bells Corner, Carleton County, Ottawa, Ontario;  buried at Immnuel Lutheran Cemetary (Frankslake, east of Regina on the Zehner Road)

Elizabeth (Mrs. William Pady) born December 5, 1877 Phildelphia-August 1952 buried Regina Cemetary 222 with Henry and Levina and listed on 1880 Census Philadelphia  listing Henry and Levina Mclree as parents.

James Wellington born July 11, 1879 Philadelphia – August 1952, listed on 1880 census Philadelphia listing Henry and Levina McIlree as parents. Buried Regina Cemetery, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Emaline (Mrs. James Simpson) June 26, 1882-?  born Bells Corner Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

Levina Violet “Lynnie” (Mrs. Harding) March 9, 1884-June 15, 1950 buried Regina Cemetary 222

Matthew “Thomas” February 2, 1886(Zehner, Saskatchewan) – January 1963 buried Regina Cemetery, Regina, Saskatchewan

Joseph “Alexander” March 1, 1888-April 10, 1951 buried Regina Cemetary 222

Adeline Pearl  (Mrs. John Serson) August 14, 1889-June 8, 1918 Regina Cemetary                          

Adelbert “Addie” Shields November 8, 1893-September 19, 1961 married April 28, 1920 Alice Ruth Douglas( April 21, 1902-October 30, 1980),  buried Regina Cemetary.


Family Stories - Myths and Reality Mr. Samuel McElree of Philadelphia and Adeline Leibel reported that the McElrees' were from around Maghera.  Mr. Samuel McElree also reported that Henry had two sisters but that Henry was the only one that came over, that Henry lived with an uncle who was a minister in Philadelphia until his uncle could no longer be responsible for him.  Henry then went to Canada to log (this story is incorrect).  Henry shows up on the census in Ontario as living with the Matthew Evoy family whose daughter Levina he married.  They lived in  Philadelphia for a period of time where some of their children were born and went to Regina by train in 1882. Henry hauled freight to Wood Mountain (a 2 week journey) and he filed on a military bounty land claim, not sure if he hauled freight for the North West Mounted Police during the rebellion or not, he could have purchased the military bounty land claim and then claimed using it for more land.  Levina developed cancer and went to Rochester, New York for surgery she died of cancer later. He was a farmer.


William Henry McElree June 5, 1874-November 18, 1918 married 1903

Francisco Hoffman January 24, 1878 died April 20, 1959 buried Memorial Gardens, Regina, Saskatchewan (widow of Karl Uhl ) they farmed across from Henry and Levina at the slough east of Zehner, Saskatchewan.

Children of William and Francisco:

Levina Franziska “Fanny”(Mrs. Adam Miller)  August 28, 1903-November 14, 1963

Ludwicka March 21, 1905- July 9, 1915 buried Immanuel Lutheran Cemetary, Zehner Road east of Regina, Frankslake

Wilhelm Heinrich “Bill” (William Henry) January 28, 1907-April 20, 1965  married Mary Szabo

Jacob Ferdinand “Fred” November 6, 1908- September 1965,  Married Florence May Hodge ?-January 14, 2001

Adeline Pearl September 13, 1910-April 8, 1975 buried Riverside Cemetary, Regina (died of cancer)  married 1929 Ralph (Rudolph) Leibel/Liebel August 8, 1907-1982 buried at Campbell River B.C. with 2nd wife Stella Anderson.

Herbert Warren “Herb” August 6, 1912-June 6, 1987 married Alma Neugabauer 26 October, 1941, buried Emanual Lutheran Church, Zehner, Saskatchewan

Erma (Irma)”Mac” (Mrs. Carl Myers) October 6, 1914-1993  Buried Memorial Gardens, Regina

Gordon Lawrence November 11, 1917 - 1969, married Annis??


Much thanks and appreciation to Tricia, Denver, Steven, Jackie, Deane, Wayne McElree, my mother, and all those who helped me in pursuing my research, if you have something to add please contact me.